Kindle Fire Black Friday Deals Coming Soon?

Black Friday is just days away, and there is a vast selection of new gadgets out there waiting to be snatched up. The Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire were released on November 14, and are showing very favorable reviews overall. Amazon has its own Black Friday page that includes everything you need to know to […]

Peerless HDS100 HD Wireless Multimedia Center – Black Review

The Peerless HDS100 HD Wireless Multimedia Center is a good-looking, sleek Wireless HD video kit. Unlike most of its peers, it works via its own secured WiFi network, which allows it to coexist with any other wireless setup. Thankfully though, the setup is completely painless. There are no manual network settings to be fiddled with. […]

HP Mini 210-3060NR Netbook (Pink) Review

The HP Mini 210-3060NR is an Intel Atom powered netbook that comes in a stylish Purple-Pink color. It packs in a 1.66GHz single core Atom N455 processor. It will not be able to handle heavy processing and multitasking but it is perfect as a companion device for surfing the net and entertaining on the move. […]