HP Wireless TV Connect Review

The HP Wireless TV Connect is a wireless HD connection kit that uses Amimon’s WHDI technology to broadcast HD signals over a wireless connection. It comes in the usual transmitter & receiver pair and it is optimized for use with desktops and laptops. The transmitter and the receiver are designed as simple black boxes with […]

HP Mini 110-3730NR Netbook (Black)

The HP Mini 110-3730NR is a meant to be a lifestyle companion for its user. It is designed to be aesthetically appealing and provide the user with just enough resources to get through everyday computing tasks like checking email and surfing the web. This 10inch netbook is powered by an Intel Atom N455 processor coupled […]

Brite-View Air SyncHD (BV-2322) Uncompressed 1080p Video/ Audio Wireless Transmission Kit Review

Brite-View has been consistently bringing out newer wireless HD solutions since last year and the Brite-View Air SyncHD BV2322 is yet another such product. It is a standard plug-n-play wireless HD transmission kit that comes in a receiver and transmission pair. This pair is meant more for wirelessly connecting home theater components but it can […]

Veebeam HD | Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p Review

  The Veebeam HD Wireless PC To TV Link is a wireless HD PC to TV kit that streams your computers contents over to the TV. It is a completely plug-n-play set up although it does allow you to choose between two modes of streaming. It has a sleek and simple design that consists of […]