Brite-View Air SyncHD|DX (BV-2822) Uncompressed 1080p HD Video/ Audio Wireless Transmission Kit (Multiple Inputs) – Black Review

The Brite-View Air SyncHD|DX BV-2822 is a two-pice wireless HD audio/video transmitter kit. It is one of the latest additions to Brite-View’s Air SyncHD line of wireless HD products. One of the main reasons for considering it is that the transmitter enables you to connect up to 6 different source devices. It has 4 HDMI […]

Gefen EXT-WHDMI Wireless HDMI Extender Review

The Gefen EXT-WHDMI Wireless HDMI Extender is your basic Wireless HD two-piece transceiver kit. It uses WHDI to send full HD video content of up to 1080p over the air. It also supports fully Dolby 5.1 surround sound, which you can hook up to your home theater sound system for the full effect. The kit […]

HP Mini 210-3070NR Netbook (Grey) Review

The HP Mini 210-3070NR is an portable option for those who want to take care of their daily computing tasks on the go. It is designed for surfing, checking your email, listening to music and staying connected to your social networks. In that it is extremely efficient. However, it is weak in the graphics department […]

Sony DMXWL1 BRAVIA Wireless HD Link Review

The Sony DMXWL1 Bravia Wireless HD Link is a wireless HD transmission kit that is specially designed to compliment Sony’s Bravia line of HD LCD TV’s. It has a normal, two-piece transmitter-receiver setup with a long range that makes sense for large rooms and multi-room setups. The DMXWL1 has a glossy black finish on both […]