Intel Is Trying To Get Its WiDi In To Tablets

Intel is pretty bullish about getting into the portable segment in a big way, but so far they have only been able to realize that goal in terms of laptops and netbooks. When it comes mobile devices like modern smarpthones and tablets — ARM still rules the roost. Intel has been trying to get into […]

Cherrypal’s Cherrypad Tablet Comes For Less Than $200, Runs Android

If you have been looking for a really low cost tablet that runs the ever so hacking friendly Android OS, look no further. Cherrypal has just the right one for you. Christened as the Cherrypad, this is the low cost computer makers latest foray into the market.

You might remember Cherrypal from their last attempt to introduce . . . → Read More: Cherrypal’s Cherrypad Tablet Comes For Less Than $200, Runs Android

My24 Fitness App For Android

The 24 Hour Fitness line of health and fitness clubs is large chain that is a common sight in the US and in some other parts of the world too. They have recently released a new Android App that adds on to their existing portfolio of features and gives their members some add-on benefits. But […]

Goodyear, Arizona Receives Suntech Factory

Suntech is one of the largest manufacturers of Solar Panels in the world and they have recently opened a new facility at Goodyear, Arizona. It is setting up to be a large place and will create specialized work in the area for trained professionals.

Once started, the plant will have a production capacity of 30Megawatt annually and . . . → Read More: Goodyear, Arizona Receives Suntech Factory