Imation Launches Link Wireless A/V Extender

Imation [NYSE:IMN] has launched a new wireless a/v kit called the Link Wireless A/V Extender for computers to connect to HDTV’s wirelessly. It is yet another one of the set-up free kits that are fully plug-n-play solutions for home theater and HTPC buffs. It uses an ultra wide band (UWB) technology that avoids WiFi channels […]

HP Zeen C510 Android Tablet Photos Leaked

HP’s [NYSE:HPQ] Zeen has been in the rumor mills for quite some time now. It is expected to be a companion device to a printer from HP and will only be sold together. Printing being by far the largest business for HP, it is no surprise that they are dedicating an entire tablet to it. […]

Texas Instruments Unveils Newer, Smaller DLP Chip

DLP chips for the pico projectors developed by chip-maker Texas Instruments [NYSE:TXN] are present in almost all commercial pico projector models. And now the company has unveiled the next generation in the DLP (Digital Light Processing) chips that will make the pico projector a more common feature amongst handheld gadgets. They have managed to further […]

Audible Updates Their Android App

Audible from Amazon [NASDAQ:AMZN] has been soaring in popularity for quite some time now with their continuous addition of good audiobooks. But so far Android users have been suffering with an Audible app that does not do much. And that too after waiting for Audible to finally have some kind of an App on their […]

HP Announces Laptop With Wireless HD Streaming, 3D

HP has been busying unveiling multiple consumer grade laptops lately and they include models that have 3D and wireless HD media streaming capabilities. They are high-end models that focus on good audio, video and over all performance. They are definitely entertainment oriented models and are looking to replace other consumer electronic gadgets in the living […]

Analyst Says iPad Is Cannibalizing PC Market

As Apple [NASDAQ:APPL] launched the iPad, tales of netbook doomsday were adrift everywhere. But no one quit expected this tablet device to have much of an effect on the PC industry. In fact, most debates along those lines were terminated by proud PC industry supporters saying that the functionality difference was large enough still to […]

Angry Bird Beta Release For Android

Angry Birds is one of the most successful games on the iOS platform and now the game is trying to repeat its success on Google’s [NSDAQ:GOOG] Android mobile platform. The original iOS version has sold over 6.5 million copies — a huge number for a game that is only playable on certain iOS devices. It […]