Wisair Wireless USB PC To HD TV Kit

This is a wireless PC to HDTV connector kit called the Wisair Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set. It is yet another one of those plug and play solutions that will plug into any notebook/desktop trough USB/VGA and will transmit the image/video to an HDTV located somewhat far apart through HDMI. It comes in the typical […]

EQD Auria Lanches Sub-$200 Micro-Projector

EQD Corp., a well-known manufacturer of LCD TV’s under the Auria brand, has launched a compact new micro-projector. It is a portable LED projector that is capable of projecting a 50″ projector for under $200. Which means it will fit right in with the small budgeted corporate people who need something handy to make presentations. […]

Kindle 3 Photos

Picture is worth a thousand words so rather than writing one more Kindle 3 Review (which I encourage you to read if you haven’t already), today I decided to publish several Kindle 3 photos.
Personally I’m a huge eReader fan and gadget geek as you can see from my pile of eInk hardware. Out of all […]