Wisair Wireless USB PC To HD TV Kit

This is a wireless PC to HDTV connector kit called the Wisair Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set. It is yet another one of those plug and play solutions that will plug into any notebook/desktop trough USB/VGA and will transmit the image/video to an HDTV located somewhat far apart through HDMI. It comes in the typical […]

EQD Auria Lanches Sub-$200 Micro-Projector

EQD Corp., a well-known manufacturer of LCD TV’s under the Auria brand, has launched a compact new micro-projector. It is a portable LED projector that is capable of projecting a 50″ projector for under $200. Which means it will fit right in with the small budgeted corporate people who need something handy to make presentations. […]

Kindle 3 Photos

Picture is worth a thousand words so rather than writing one more Kindle 3 Review (which I encourage you to read if you haven’t already), today I decided to publish several Kindle 3 photos.
Personally I’m a huge eReader fan and gadget geek as you can see from my pile of eInk hardware. Out of all […]

Kindle 3 Positive Reviews Summary

In case you haven’t read Kindle 3 reviews I’ve published before, here they are:

Original Kindle 3 review (July, 29th) - largely based on official Amazon press release and personal speculations.

Kindle 3 review round-up from online media (August, 6th) – summary of opinions from sources.

Kindle 3 review (August, 28th) – my personal hand-on review of the device with […]

Kindle 3 Review Follow Up

I’ve had some time to play around with my new Kindle 3 and to read what other users are saying so now I’m ready to publish this follow up with some of the information I’ve recently gathered of forgot to publish before.
In case you haven’t read reviews I’ve published before, here they are:

Original Kindle 3 […]

New Kindle 3 has decent web-browser

BlogKindle.com has just published it’s hands-on Kindle 3 Review. It has a lot of interesting things, including accurate screen contrast measurements, font size comparisons and even partial disassembly that reveals larger battery and some of the components used in the device. One of the major highlights is a much improved browser. According to the review […]

New Kindle 3 Review (hands-on)

I’ve just received my new graphite Kindle 3 Reader along with Kindle Lighted Leather Cover. Both items were overnighted by Fedex for a nominal $3.99 a piece thanks to Amazon Prime. So now I can finally get started on this hands-on review of Amazon’s latest gadget.
Kindle 3 at a glance:

Here are the highlights of […]