Playstation 3D Impresses Reviewers

Gaming regulars aside, even casual Playstation owners will have a hard time to ignoring the fact that Sony has two new tricks up its Playstation sleeve. One is the Playstation 3D and the other is the Playstation Move, with the latter being obviously Sony’s answer to the Wii from Nintendo which took the casual gamers […]

Kindle 3 Released

Preorders are now available for both the 3G + WiFi Kindle 3 and the much anticipated WiFi-only Kindle 3.  The improvements on both models(the only difference between the two being the exclusion of 3G coverage from the WiFi model and the lower price that that entails) are quite noticeable, if a bit less drastic than […]

Amimon Demonstrates 3D HD Video Over WHDI

Amimon Inc., even though mainly a manufacturer, is always connected with the WHDI standard. In the face of stiff competition from standards like WiGig and WirelessHD, WHDI has recently stepped up their effort to remain in the market. In recent times, the wireless HD protocols have been adapting to various other standards (like WiFi), in […]

India’s $35 Tablet Prototype Is The New OLPC?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, India had rejected a $100 computer designed by MIT saying that it was still too expensive for the masses. Last week, a new cheap table computer was revealed that is being projected as the answer to the problem of providing a computer to every child. This is […]

Sky+ App Arrives On Android

After the iPhone launch of the Sky+ app, the Android users of the UK can get their hands on the app as well. The popular broadcaster has finally announced the launch of their Android app, long after the iPhone app moved into place. In addition to this piece of news, Sky also announced that they […]