New Kindle Unveiling Soon?

As anybody who is interested can clearly see, today finds the Kindle sold out!  For some, this may be annoying since it means that you have to wait on your new eReader.  For those who’ve been following the news these last few months, however, this is simply a reinforcement of the good news we’ve been […]

B&N Nook for Android Released

Barnes & Noble(NYSE:BKS) has taken a page out of Amazon’s(NASDAQ:AMZN) book again recently by rebranding their eReader applications under the nook.  This comes at the same time as, and is therefore well illustrated by, the much anticipated release of the nook software for the Android operating system, which is now available in the Apps store […]

Solar-Powered Drone Stays Airborne For Two Weeks

Here’s news of another solar powered flight, only this time it is unmanned and the flight time is a world-record-setting two weeks! Meet The Zephyr solar plane. This one shattered the previous solar flight record of being airborne by a margin of about 250 hours. It stayed aloft for two whole weeks, through day and […]