Chile From China Introduces A 7Inch Android Tablet

Another day, another 7inch tablet. In fact, another Android-based tablet. Even if Google fails in the smartphone market, they will be remembered for bringing a great OS to small manufacturers who want to make tablets (too). A company called Chile, from China, has released an Android-based tablet called the T7-3G. It definitely looks like a […]

Kindle Under Attack From Discovery

On Wednesday, Discovery Patent Holdings LLC filed a lawsuit against Amazon(NASDAQ:AMZN) over the use of technology related to the distribution of, and securing of, digital texts that Discovery feels falls under their patents.  It is worth pointing out, at this juncture, that this is not, precisely, a new lawsuit.  In March of 2009, Discovery Communications […]

Best of the Beatles and more Guitar Books for Kindle

To all of you Beatles fans out there, there is acoustic guitar lesson book available for Kindle with the new audio feature enabled.  It is called Best of the Beatles for Acoustic Guitar by Wolf Marshall.  The Kindle version is $9.99, which is the same as most bestsellers.  Since the audio and video feature is […]