Musicals for Kindle

There are a lot of music books with sheet music available on Kindle now with the audio and video feature enabled.  If you are interested in musicals and play the piano, you should check out the Wicked book. It includes sheet music and a piano play along audio piece.  Wicked is about the unlikely friendship […]

New Report On High Speed Wireless Connectivity Highlights High Definition Video As The Mainstay For Now

A freshly updated study called “Wireless Video Connectivity – A WTRS Q2 2010 Report” looks carefully at the newly emergent high speed wireless market. According to it, new wireless high definition video standards like WiDi, WiGig and WHDI — are the main application of high speed wireless connectivity as of now. Even though high speed […]

Blackberry Tablet A Reality With Flash Support

A new report has confirmed that the Blackberry tablet does indeed exist and it is probably coming with flash support. When rumors of a Blackberry tablet broke earlier, we already had a lot of details like the screen size and connectivity options. This new report from a source close to RIM (makers of the Blackberry […]

Nikon Rumored To Be Planning A DSC Model With Built-In Pico Projector While Asia Optical Prepares For Mass Deployment

Industry gossip favorities Digitimes reports that there is a possibility of Nikon [TYO:7731] developing a new DSC camera model that has a built-in LCoS pico-projector technology from Himax Technologies. This micro-projector will also be able to connect to a PC via the camera itself and work as an external projector.
The sources quoted by Digitime also […]

Someone Just Bent A Netbook And Hackintoshed It!

Time for a cool new concept from Arc Computers. These are people who take their name pretty seriously. So they have introduces a concept design that fits together a curved OLED display and a curved, ergonomic keyboard to create what can only be called an Arc computer. Or a bent laptop, perhaps. It does looks […]