New Kindle 3 Reading Light Cover

One of the biggest complaints that naysayers seem to be able to come up with about the Kindle, and eReaders in general, is that you can’t read in the dark.  Sure, you could go with something like an iPad or even the superficially similar, if less useful or functional, Pandigital Novel and be able to […]

Wireless HD Technologies Are Slow To Arrive

Wireless HD technologies and standards are developing rather slowly and will take their own sweet time to reach you — says research firm In-Stat. They are of the opinion that the three major players in the market are rather slow to evolve and that is mainly because majority of the development is still quite new, […]

A $150 Android Tablet Coming To Kmart

A new Android Tablet has emerged in the US and it is from a hitherto unknown company called Augen. It will be running Android 2.1 and will be available at Kmart sometime next month. The best part about this tablet is the fact that it will be priced at $150 only.
Kmart has recently set out […]

Company Seeks To Fit Projector In A Grain Of Rice At Technology Alliance’s Innovation Showcase

Technology Alliance’s “Innvaotion Showcase” is a event where handpicked companies get to present to a select group of angel investors, business leaders, service providers and entrepreneurs. This year, the showcase was consciously kept hardware focussed and out of the of the five companies that presented, one had a very interesting idea about shrinking laser projectors […]

Kindle 3 release announced has just announced <a href=””>Kindle 3 Release</a>. Prices vary from $139 for WiFi only version to $189 for WiFi + Free 3G version. So far all pre-orders are scheduled to ship on August 27th. Read Blogkindle post for more details.

Kindle 3 Review

Since the original Kindle 3 release announcement I had some to carefully examine all of the news and press releases and compile this comprehensive Kindle 3 Review.
Although Kindle 3 rumors  have been circulating for some time, Fall 2010 was the widely anticipated release date. Rumors intensified when Kindle 2 became sold out on one […]

Playstation 3D Impresses Reviewers

Gaming regulars aside, even casual Playstation owners will have a hard time to ignoring the fact that Sony has two new tricks up its Playstation sleeve. One is the Playstation 3D and the other is the Playstation Move, with the latter being obviously Sony’s answer to the Wii from Nintendo which took the casual gamers […]

Kindle 3 Released

Preorders are now available for both the 3G + WiFi Kindle 3 and the much anticipated WiFi-only Kindle 3.  The improvements on both models(the only difference between the two being the exclusion of 3G coverage from the WiFi model and the lower price that that entails) are quite noticeable, if a bit less drastic than […]

Amimon Demonstrates 3D HD Video Over WHDI

Amimon Inc., even though mainly a manufacturer, is always connected with the WHDI standard. In the face of stiff competition from standards like WiGig and WirelessHD, WHDI has recently stepped up their effort to remain in the market. In recent times, the wireless HD protocols have been adapting to various other standards (like WiFi), in […]