Another Samsung Tablet Leaks, This Time A 7 Inch One

Samsung has yet another leak to be embarrassed about. Or to be proud of, depending on how the information reached the bloggers who leaked it. Turns out that the tablet leaked some time back isn’t the only tablet Samsung is working on. Whilst the last one was called the Galaxy Tab/Tape, this one has a […]

DisplaySearch Reports iPad Siphoning Netbook Market Share

According to a report release by DisplaySearch, the Apple [NASDAQ:APPL] iPad is actually responsible for the reduction of Netbook market share. This is of course something that a lot of people had already predicted for various reasons but to see it actually reported by someone is another thing. It is of course quite visible that […]

NEC Shows Off LifeTouch: 7 Inch Android Based Tablet

If you think the US has the tablet fever, you should nip over and take a look at China and Japan. Those folks are going crazy with almost a new tablet being released everyday. Japan being the living-on-the-bleeding-edge kind of country when it comes to technology, they have it pretty bad. I mean pretty good. […]