Toshiba Unveils AMD Powered Satellite T215 Netbook

Toshiba [ETR:TSE1] has released news about an upcoming netbook that will be powered by an AMD chip instead of an Intel one. This is the Toshiba Satellite T215 and it will be powered by an AMD Neo processor. You might remember that AMD’s Neo line is one of the few competitors of the Intel Atom line.
The […]

Onkyo C413 10″ Netbook Debuts In Japan

Onkyo has launched a new netbook in Japan today and it is called the Onkyo C413. It is a 10″ netbook that has the basic look and feel of a netbook and has absolutely nothing that separates it from the rest of run-of-mill netbooks crowding the netbook space in Japan and elsewhere. There is however […]

Unicode Font Hack and Kindle Software Update 2.5.2

Many of you have been asking and I wasn’t able to give you an answer. Well… now that 2.5.2 is available for everyone to download from website, it’s official. Amazon has fixed the tarbomb vulnerability in the update installer. So jailberaking and hacking the Kindle is not possible now unless you are willing to […]

What We Know About the Kno

While it’s ridiculously early to be talking much about a product that will, in the best possible case that they’re claiming, not be available until late fall(December has been mentioned), the Kno is an interesting take on the eReader market and might address some of the reasons that the Kindle is having trouble taking off […]

Microsoft Gives Us 3DTV Viewing Without Glasses

Yes, the holy grail of 3D footage viewing — viewing without the glasses. We love 3D, yes we do. But we hate them glasses, oh how we hate them. So here’s a solution from the Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]  Applied Sciences Group — beaming two separate images to two each eye. Although this approach has been tried […]