Firstview 7″ Android Tablet has Working Webcam

Android tablets from small chinese companies are nothing new by now. We get to hear of at least half a dozen every week these days. But here’s one that really gets our attention for one specific thing and thing is a fully functional webcam.
The folks over at have gotten their hands on an Android […]

eviGroup’s Wallet MID Now Available

The Wallet MID from eviGroup had been announced a long time back. And then it got delayed. And then the entire project got a reset and the MID was completely redesigned. And now finally, it has been released. It is now available from the eviGroup’s website directly. Wallet is a 5″ MID that runs on […]

HP’s WebOS Rumors Make A Come Back

Ever since HP [NYSE:HPQ] acquired Palm [NASDAQ:PALM], the rumors of a WebOS based tablet and other WebOS devices have been rampant all over the internet. And since then, HP has both confirmed and denied any plans of an WebOS based tablet. It seems like two factions inside the company are saying conflicting things. Either this […]

BeamBox Evolution R2 Brightens Things Up

If there’s one thing that plagues all the Pico Projectors that are out today, it is the brightness. They are simply not bright enough to be taken seriously by those who need some serious projection done. Well, BeamBox has a pico projector that, while not really matching up to the big boys, will definitely brighten […]

Barnes & Noble Opens Self-Publishing

After years of Amazon’s dominance in the self-publishing ebook marketplace, Barnes & Noble(NYSE:BKS) has decided to enter the scene.  Eligible independent publishers and self-publishing authors will be able to add their content directly into the and Barnes & Noble eBook Store Catalogs, giving them immediate exposure to one of the largest electronic book marketplaces […]

NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Tablet by Foxconn

It has been a while since NVIDIA was all buzzed about their new Tegra 2 chipset and how it could make a really great tablet. Well, since no other manufacturer took interest in the really powerful chipset, NVIDIA decided to take things into their own hands. So now they have a Tegra 2-based tablet to […]

Epson Launches Endeavor Na03 Mini Netbook

Epson has a launched a new netbook in Japan called the Endeavor Na03 Mini. This is an Intel Atom N470 powered netbook and has the Intel GMA 3150 graphics. It has a sleek look with a an emphasize on looking business like. It is not available anywhere else at the moment but that might change […]

HP To Make Pico Projectors

HP [NYSE:HPQ] is apparently courting new grounds in consumer electronics. After deciding to enter the tablet market in full force just a while back, they are now talking about entering the mini-projector business as well. HP officials have been talking about making such small and portable projectors that companies like 3M have become famous for.
HP’s […]