Barnes & Noble Opens Self-Publishing

After years of Amazon’s dominance in the self-publishing ebook marketplace, Barnes & Noble(NYSE:BKS) has decided to enter the scene.  Eligible independent publishers and self-publishing authors will be able to add their content directly into the and Barnes & Noble eBook Store Catalogs, giving them immediate exposure to one of the largest electronic book marketplaces […]

NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Tablet by Foxconn

It has been a while since NVIDIA was all buzzed about their new Tegra 2 chipset and how it could make a really great tablet. Well, since no other manufacturer took interest in the really powerful chipset, NVIDIA decided to take things into their own hands. So now they have a Tegra 2-based tablet to […]

Epson Launches Endeavor Na03 Mini Netbook

Epson has a launched a new netbook in Japan called the Endeavor Na03 Mini. This is an Intel Atom N470 powered netbook and has the Intel GMA 3150 graphics. It has a sleek look with a an emphasize on looking business like. It is not available anywhere else at the moment but that might change […]

HP To Make Pico Projectors

HP [NYSE:HPQ] is apparently courting new grounds in consumer electronics. After deciding to enter the tablet market in full force just a while back, they are now talking about entering the mini-projector business as well. HP officials have been talking about making such small and portable projectors that companies like 3M have become famous for.
HP’s […]