Kindle for Android Announced By Amazon

It appears that we have a major addition to the Kindle platform’s family coming up this summer.  Kindle for Android has been announced and issued its preview page, where interested users can look into the details first-hand and sign up to be notified the moment the application is openly available.  The features listed are basically […]

New SiBEAM Chipset Could TurboCharge Wireless HD Video

SiBeam has brought out a new chip that supports both WirelessHD and the WiGig standard. SiBeam’s WirelessHD chips that operate at 60GHz, have been shipping since 2008. It is the new version that has hardware onboard to support both specifications. The new chip is called SB8110 and the accompanying development kit is called SK8100.
The Sb8110 […]

Tweetdeck Is Making An Android App

At long last, Tweetdeck has decided to make an app for the Android users. After news of the official Twitter client, a lot of Twitter apps suddenly faded into the background for a lot of people because frankly some of the simpler twitter apps didn’t really do much anyway. With an official client on the […]

Google Releases App To Keep With Its I/O Event

Google’s [NASDAQ:GOOG] upcoming I/O developer event has been high on the interest list on the internet, thanks to talks of the latest Android version being released at the event. The search giant has decided to help you keep track of the event by releasing an app that gives you all the information you will need […]

Solar Plant Comes To Windsor Via SSC And HHV

Windsor, ON is poised to get its first solar panel manufacturing plant soon. Solar Source Corporation (SSC) has decided to create a polycrystalline silicon solar PV cell manufacturing plant in Windsor, ON. This will be a 45,000 sq. ft. plant that will be the beachhead investment in North America of both SSC and its manufacturing […]

Going Solar Can Be A Surprisingly Cheap Affair

For most environment and conservation conscious people, going the solar way to generate their own electricity sounds like an expensive proposition. After all, we are always reading about large facilities and public places that have gone solar and spent thousands of dollars in the process. No common household and no average man even has a […]