Upcoming Kobo Release Draws International Attention

As the May 1st release date for the Kobo eReader from Canada-based Indigo Books and Music Inc. draws near, people have begun to take notice.  The $149 price tag alone would seem to many to be the biggest draw, but the full picture is a little bit larger.
In keeping with the company’s goal of promoting […]

nook on the Web – First Impressions

Today the latest content patch for the B&N nook rolled out and it’s made a fairly impressive showing.  I played around with it for a while earlier and found little to complain about.
The most important point is, of course, performance.  The screen refresh isn’t any faster, but navigating the device has been sped up considerably.  […]

Audible Incentives

There are a lot of good reasons to pick up a Kindle.  It’s neat to read, occasionally very useful for its ability to be a portable internet device, and it saves on effort and potential injury when you compare it to the hundreds or thousands of paperbacks you might otherwise have to carry down a […]

7 inch Dell Tablet Details Leaked

Seems like Dell is preparing to answer Apple’s iPad with a tablet that does not looks like an overgrown smartphone. Yes Dell Mini 5, I am looking at you. Some marketing materials were leaked from the company recently they hint at an Android tablet device coming out from Dell shortly. Looks like Dell’s answer to the […]

Official Android Twitter App In The Works

Twitter has bought the Twitter iPhone app Tweetie and is now planning to use that to launch their own official App for Android users as well. The company used the Chirp conference for Twitter developers to push this notice out. As always, there is a lot of confusion and hatered against twitter for doing this […]

Sirius XM Radio Comes To The Android

Sirius XM has been pretty active lately and one of their latest expansion plots included the launch of their own Android App. This launch was done on this friday and the app is now available on the Android Marketplace. The apps works just as the way it works on the iPhone. The user will be […]

Asus Eee PC 1201PN Gets Bested By 1215N

The rate at which the netbook market is moving, buying one is becoming more like trying to hit a moving target. The Asus Eee PC 1201PN was looking pretty sweet when it was announced. Powerful new Atom Processor, NVIDIA Ion, etc. But now we have word that Asus is bringing out a better model called […]

Kindle Available at Target Stores April 25

It looks like Amazon is taking a page from Sony and Barnes & Noble’s book by offering the Kindle in a retail outlet.  The Kindle will debut in Target Stores April 25.  The good part about this strategy is that customers will finally be able to test a Kindle before they buy them in a […]

Improved eInk Displays

Well, the news of the day revolves around the recently announced improvements to the eInk technology.  Honestly, it looks like good news.  I know, many people are holding out for color, but this is still something to be excited about.
According to information from the recent Red Ferret interview, we’re looking at the potential for significantly […]

Kindle Book Prices Starting to Climb

With the recent launch of the iPad and battle with book publishers, Amazon’s Kindle book prices are starting to rise.  Books on the bestseller list that used to cap at $9.99 now start at $9.99 and up.  Bestselling author Jodi Picoult’s latest novel, “House Rules”, is available for Kindle at $12.99.  Others such as “The […]