Sigma Adopts SENSIO 3D Format Decoder For New Age Entertainment Devices

SENSIO Technologies declared today that their SENSIO 3D format decoder has been adopted by Sigma Designs. The latter is a large and well-respected company that provides high-performance Systems on a Chip (SoC’s) for various home related applications like entertainment and home automation. Sigma is licensing SESIO to enable manufacturers of Blu-ray players, HDTV’s, AV receivers, […]

eBook emphasis plays to iPad’s weaknesses.

In an bizarre way, people seem to be looking to devices such as Apple’s new iPad as the future of electronic book technology.  This seems…shortsighted.  Let’s take a moment to look at a couple of the major complaints people have had regarding eReader adoption.
The lack of the “feel” of a book while reading is a […]

E-Reader Market will Continue to Grow despite Launch of Tablets

According to Andrew Nusca’s article on potential growth in the e-book market following the Apple iPad launch, “the average e-reader is 47 years old, makes 75,000 a year and reads two books per month.”  This generation tends to associate reading with pleasure, and the lightweight, easy to navigate, Kindle 2 strives to meet those […]

Kindle-based Vacation Planning?

In a rather interesting move, Amazon seems to have increased the general utility of their Kindle. It could, in fact, be on its way to becoming a must-have for vacation-goers this summer. Sure there’s the expected advantage of being able to lug a pile of books to the beach in your pocket, but […]