Kindle for Children: A Whole New World

Some children are voracious readers.  They look beyond the vast size of the Harry Potter or Twilight series and focus on the stories themselves.  They see reading as an adventure, and the bigger the book, the bigger the accomplishment.  Other children are reluctant readers.  They read what they have to for school and nothing else.  […]

Wireless Standards Will Push 2 Million 60GHz Shipments In 2015

Even as Wireless HD standards prepare for an imminent war, chip makers are rejoicing at the sight of bullish trends coming up over the horizon. Wireless HD standards WiGig and WirelessHD use the unlicensed 60GHz band for setting up private networks within rooms in order to relay HD content to HDTV’s without wires. This has […]

Sapphire Debuts Their Own Pico Projector

Sapphire is a company that is mainly known for making graphics cards and other multimedia related computing products. So when they suddenly release a pico projector out of the blue, we just have to sit up and take notice. But their offering has nothing that will differentiate it from the competition, at least feature-wise it […]

First Solar Sets Up Shop In Silicon Valley

First Solar Inc. has set up up a think film solar panel lab at Silicon Valley. This lab will be responsible for researching to thin-film technology for making lower cost and higher efficiency solar panels.
First Solar Inc. Is the world’s largest manufacturer of think-film solar panels and with this lab, they are moving into making […]