HDCP Encryption Standard Widens To Include WirelessHD

HDCP is the  encryption standard that is used on Blue-ray discs and other such medias. It stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. it was formulated to protect the new-age content formats and it has become a de facto standard in the industry. And now it officially also integrates WirelessHD — a wireless HD content streaming […]

WHDI And Others Create Digital Home Theatre Experience At SF

WHDI recently got together with Hanspree, Brite View and Media Mall to create something called the “Digital home Theatre Experience” at Hanspree’s flagship store in San Francisco’s  Union Square. There they set up a modern living to showcase the latest in home digital home entertainment.
WHDI, Hanspree, Brtie View and Media Mall are all in the […]

WHDI, DiiVA & CIVA HOld First Ever Developers’ Conference

The WHDI consortium along with China Video Industry Association (CIVA) and Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio (DIIVA) consortium together held a developers conference in China some time back. It was held in Guangzhou and it attracted over 350 executives, product developers, marketers and other officials from the industry. Also present were two of […]

Changing the Feel of Kindle

The move from paper books to eReader devices might have been inevitable, but that doesn’t always make it easy. In a lot of ways, we’ve been fairly lucky. eInk displays make the pages read like paper, current technologies allow us to hold something the size of a book in our hands as we […]

German Phoenix Solar Buys Thin Panels From Miasole

California-based Miasole has recently received an order for 4.5 megawatts of thin-film solar panels from German company Phoenix Solar. The contract is set to last through the year 2013.
The contract formed between the two companies was declared on Tuesday the 27th of April by both the companies. The terms of the contract, beyond the product, […]

Famington Church Meetinghouse Draws Power From The Sun

Solar panels are hitting the mainstream like never before and that has caused them to pop up at several places where you wouldn’t usually expect them to come up at. The latest one to make the news for being solar-powered is a 20,000 square-foot LDS Church Meetinghouse in Farmington, Michigan.
This Meetinghouse has 158 solar panels […]