MacMillan Forces Amazon To increase eBook Prices To $14.99

In a recent drama, MacMillan made it publicly known that they were having problems with Amazon over the pricing scheme of eBooks on the Kindle platform. MacMillan was apparently already in talks with Amazon for quite sometime about the prices being raised from Amazon’s current $9.99 maximum price.
Whilst everyone can see that over pricing digital […]

Kindle Apps Update

Since there is very little solid information about any of the upcoming Active Content for Kindle, I’ve taken the liberty to speculate about the following apps that are likely to appear:

Kindle Chess
Kindle Checkers
Kindle Sudoku
Kindle Email Client
Kindle RSS Reader
Kindle Folders
Kindle Calendar

You are welcome to agree or disagree with these predictions and comment on that.

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Amazon Buys TouchScreen Company, Kindle Touch Ahoy?

Amazon, Kindle’s parent company, has bought a relatively unknown and new company called TouchCo. Before the buy out, TouchCo used to supply touchscreen technological solutions to companies. The company specializes in building touchscreen interfaces that have the capacity of detecting and parsing multiple touch inputs. This makes their touchscreen technology extremely useful for devices that […]

Kindle DX broken by air-travel

Almost a year ago I posted about Kindle 2 being broken by air-travel. Well this time if was Kindle DX that got it… I was returning from a vacation with my parents and since there were many of us travelling and all of us love reading, Kindle DX that was usually stay-at-home kind was taken […]

HP Tablet Gets Video Demo

HP managed to slip in a video demo of their upcoming tablet right before the Apple iPad announcement. This tablet is much closer to a touchscreen netbook without a physical keyboard than the iPad and it might shape up to be a real competitor for the iPad at the basic hardware level. They do not […]

LG X20 Spotted ON FCC, Looks Fancy

LG X20 was last seen in this year’s CES at Las Vegas this January. The world had pretty much forgotten about the netbook till it was again recently spotted passing through the FCC’s mandatory approval process. Being from LG, this netbook pays attention to the way it looks. The lines are much cleaner and the […]