Tsunami in Honolulu – more like a quick tide

Update 2pm: Hawaii tsunami warning canceled; no damage seen in Islands. It is great to hear that tsunami passed without any damages and we also had a chance to see some tsunami effects in a safe small scale demo from the ocean.

Finally I see something going on here in Ala Way bay in Honolulu.
Water in […]

Tsunami warning in Hawaii

I’m in Honolulu, Hawaii on short vacation right now. And I’m staying in the hotel right in front of the Ala Wai bay in Honolulu.
Today I was woken up by a very loud alarm at 6am today and police car going circles around the bay with a following message: “Attention. Attention. This is a message […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition Goes Through Streamlining

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is yet another version of the popular Linux-based, Debian core OS Ubuntu. But instead of being almost the same as the other versions of the OS, this one is specially built for running on small screens and low powered processors with scarce resources. This specific version of Ubuntu uses Moblin stacks and […]

Fujitsu MH380 Is Up For Sale For $449

Looks like the stylish MH380 netbook from Fujitsu has finally been put up for sale on the company’s website. This netbook does not have amazingly different components but its styling and design makes it stand out from the usual fare on the market. It has nicely rounded corners, smooth edges and an overall nicely designed […]