Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Netbook Gets Official

The Lenovo X100e rumored into existence in our minds much long before the official happened at CES 2010. So now that the X100e is official, there is something to be said about the first netbook from the ThinkPad series — it is not a netbook. No. It is the first ever ThinkPad series Ultraportable form […]

Interead Adds Two More COOL-ER Readers

Interead has released new Cool-er models at CES in the hopes of finally being able to  defeat the Kindle in its own game. While that might be just a pipe dream for this spiffy little start up (without things to match the Whispernet and the International Kindle), they sure are stepping things up in their […]

Google Netbook Specs Leaked

Google is making a special netbook (or two) for its Chrome OS’ hardware debut later this year (hopefully) and that is not a very good secret. But the actual hardware specs for this netbook have so far been out of reach for most of us. Yes, we do know that Google really wants only the […]

SpringDesign Alex Gets Hands On Time At CES 2010

SpringDesign wasn’t ready for a public show and tell when the Nook was announced. But due to the similarity between the two devices (and according to the Spring Design it is not coincidence), SpringDesign had to stick their neck out with an unfinished prototype. Now they finally have a finished version that can be played […]

Kindle SDK (KDK) to be available next month

Well. Once more I have to eat my own words… Some time ago I wrote about why Kindle SDK wasn’t a likely thing and today Amazon announced it’s availability. Amazon must have been holding it up in it’s sleeve for quite some time. I believe that bringing all Kindle software to version 2.3 was made […]

HP 210 Netbook Is Here, Of Sorts

The HP 210 Netbook is officially available. It is available on retail and it is also available in troubleshooting entries. But there’s one major thing missing — the thing was never announce officially. No glitzy photosets, no long winded PR, none of that. May be HP is cutting costs while the global economy stabilizes out. […]

Kindle Now Open To Non-US Authors

In welcome move, Amazon has decided to open up the Kindle platform to authors who are situated outside the US. So now authors from all over the world can sell their works on the various Kindles. This ensures a win-win situation for everyone involved — Amazon, Kindle users and the authors/publishers.
A lot of good literature […]

Samsung N220 Pine Trail Netbook

There has been a leak of sorts of a new Samsung Pine Trail netbook thanks to a French retailer listing it, probably ahead of then given schedule. This is the Samsung N220, the first Samsung  Pine Trail device to be spotted so clearly and with so much detail too. It just might become the first […]