Kindle Apps Blog

With Amazon announcing Kindle SDK (KDK) I’ve decided to launch a separate Kindle Apps blog for reviewing and speculating about Kindle Apps. Since no apps has been released yet and little is known about the KDK itself I’ll be mostly speculating to begin with. The blog can be found at
Random PostsMay 21, 2009 — […]

Apple Releases The iPad Tablet Device

Apple finally released their highly anticipated tablet device on the 27th of January and it is called the iPad. There are two main models — WiFi only and WiFi+3G — and three sub-models based on storage — 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Storage is flash and the processor is made by Apple. It is called the […]

Dell Introduces An Alienware Netbook

This just had to happen sooner or later. But looks Alienware’s entrance into the netbook playing field is slightly on the ‘later’ side of things. So Dell has introduced a new ‘Ultraportable’ called the M11x. This device, from the very looks right down the name, has Alienware written all over it. The design, the backlight, […]

Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

– Hi! I’m an iPad.
– And I’m Amazon Kindle…
So the much rumored “Kindle/netbook/everything killer” is revealed to the public and we can finally make a first guess about it’s prospects in eBook/eReader market that is getting increasingly crowded as well as it’s general chances of success.
First of all it turns out that most of the […]

Mirasol Hands On Impresses

The eInk display technology (the same one that is used on Kindle screens) has a new rival. Far more than LG’s micro foil technology that is used by Hearst, Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology is threatening to overtake eInk by the end of this year. Mirasol, as we reported earlier, is a new display technology that […]