eBook Selection Comparison for Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Sony

I’ve received an interesting press release this morning from Social Trade LLC about http://ebookchoice.com/. It’s a new website that compares ebook availability and pricing across Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble and Sony PRS ebook stores. Personally I think that this website is a great idea. eBook selection is in my opinion the #1 feature of eBook reader. After all […]

Intel Releases Atom Developer Program SDK

Intel has finally release the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Atom Developer Program. The idea was introduced to the masses at this year’s IDF (Intel Developer Forum).
The Atom Developer Program is an attempt on Intel’s part to further popularize Atom even further. Third-party applications have always made and defined platforms and Intel is looking […]

Skiff To Help Save The Publishers

Skiff, owned by Hearst Corporation, specializes in delivering digital content like newspapers and magazines. Come 2010, they are going to launch a new service that will rival with Amazon and the Kindle in some ways.
Skiff intends to start delivering digital content directly to consumers who want this content. The aim is to distribute it to […]