A little bit of healthy self-promotion…

I would like to invite you to check out another blog of mine that I’ve recently started: netbook-expert.com. It covers news about netbooks and ultraportable computing in particular. It also allows you to compare netbooks side by side. At the moment there are a little bit over a hundred models in the comparison engine but […]

Google Wave invites for reviews!

As this blog is relatively new I would like to ask your help in attracting visitors. I encourage you to visit it and review it on your blog or website if you like it or if you think that it should be improved. As a small incentive I can offer one Google Wave invite to […]

Jolicloud Tries To Best Chrome OS Boot Time

Jolicloud is a special Linux lightweight OS that is meant to run on netbooks. It shares some common aspects of a netbook OS – bare essentials, Internet focused, etc. It aims to be extremely well integrated with online social networks and other online services so that user can have a great experience out of the […]

Sony PRS-600 Karma Strikes Back

Some time ago I wrote what some people considered poor review to Sony PRS-600 when comparing it to Amazon Kindle… In that review I also wrote that PRS-600 is now mostly used by my 3 year old daughter who likes to scribble and trace letters on it. Well it looks like Sony karma has struck […]