Samsung Displays 7” OLED Display

OLED has been on the forefront of the next wave of digital display technology. Its energy efficiency, flexibility and unmatched brightness and contrast place it on the top of the list for almost all manufacturers who use/make digital displays. Hence, it is no wonder that manufacturers like Samsung are making prototype devices that are using […]

Intel Atom N470 (Pineview) To Relax Rules

The manufacturers who currently build Atom based devices do not have much freedom in terms of the components that they can use with the embedded processor. This is because Intel has strict restrictions in place that govern exactly what type of components the manufacturers can and cannot use. These rules pertain to things like a […]

Netbooks Causing Losses

The netbook has more or less exploded in terms of demand and popularity. Even though the market is saturated with similar models made by myriad companies, the segment has still seen some growth in the past few quarters. That is more than what can be said for notebooks and desktops, which are much more expensive […]

Asus To Make $180 Smartbook

Speculation throughout the Internet suggest that Asus is going to make an extremely cheap portable that will run Android and will cost less that $200. This sounds like the mythical $100 laptop, which has not been achieved with any reasonable success as of yet.
These speculations broke out after Asus’ CEO was interviewed by a Korean […]

Pineview Eee PCs Spotted On FCC

The FCC has sprung a leak somewhere and through it we are getting all sorts of pre-launch news that is not supposed to reach the public. Through this channel we are getting new of new Asus Eee PC models that seem to be sporting the new Atom Pineview processor.
Intel’s Pineview is the code name for […]