Netbook Black Friday Deals

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Just a heads up: has some very nice “Lightning Deal Discounts” on best selling netbook and notebook computers. If you are looking to buy one – be sure to check their Black Friday deal section on a regular basis.
As opposed to single day Black Friday sale event in most […]

Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deal Hunt!

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While historically Amazon didn’t provide any Black Friday discounts for it’s Kindle eBook reader it may be possible that they’ll actually put out some kind of last minute deal in their Black Friday deals week section. Unusually high competition from Sony and Barnes&Noble along with imminent battle with Google might […]

Uninstalling old version of UFH

There seems to be a small problem with the latest UHF update. The newest uninstaller doesn’t remove old versions of the hack. Since all my Kindle devices have software 2.3 now I can’t debug the issue. I’ve made old version of uninstaller available that should do the job:

Kindle 2 (serial number starts with B002) – […]

Menq EasyPC E790 $80 Android Netbook

Looks like the sub-$100 laptop has become a reality after all. The folks at Menq are offering a netbook that is going to sell for $80. But that will only happen if the company succeeds in keeping a promise that so many others have broken before it.
It is not easy making a sub-$100 laptop. The […]

Updated Kindle International Coverage Table

I’ve updated the Kindle International Coverage table. Canada is now included and most countries have 300K+ books available to them.
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Unicode Fonts Hack for Kindle 2.3

This updated version of Kindle Unicode Fonts Hack works on all versions of Kindle software including the most recent 2.3 and installs on Kindle 2 US, Kindle 2 International and Kindle DX.
I’ve added more font combinations:

GNU FreeFont – this hack uses GNU Free Fonts that come with Linux and are free to redistribute. All font […]