Kindle Software 2.3 (399380047)

It definitely looks like I’ll have to eat my words… One month ago I made a statement that there will be fewer Kindle software updates and that chances of new features being added via update are slim. At least on the second count I was wrong. Amazon has released Kindle software version 2.3 for Kindle […]

Lenovo Snapdragon Smartbook With AT&T Wireless

The ultraportable market is now choc-a-bloc with new players and hordes of new products. From the CULV laptops to the Atom-based netbooks to the ARM toting UMPCs, we have a crowded market to choose from. And this is the space that will be targeted by a new Lenovo ultraportable – a Snapdragon powered smartbook.
Smartbooks are […]

Instapaper + Kindle Problems Find A (Free) Solution

Instapaper lets you bookmark online content through a handy little bookmarklet that sits in your browser. Then you can log on to their website later or use their iPhone App to read the full articles in one place.
Their connection with the Kindle is simple — they have a service by which your recent articles are […]