Viewsonic Launches Viewbook 120

Viewsonic is known in some parts of the world for making budget yet good quality computer monitors and projectors. But that’s not all that they make. They have recently launched their own line of netbooks and they call it the Viewbook series.
Viewbooks are CULV powered ultraportable devices that are all the rage right now. Consumer […]

Sony Displays Flexible OLED Netbook Concept

Sony has been showing off their flexible OLED screen toting netbook concept at every opportunity and this year’s CEATEC wasn’t an exception. Sony showed off a non-working concept model of the netbook and a working model of the flexible screen.
The netbook got a lot of positive reactions from the crowd and there is good reason […]

Kindle for PC Application coming soon

Today, during the Windows 7 launch event, Amazon and Microsoft demonstrated “Kindle For PC”, desktop eBook reader application that will run on Windows XP/Vista/7. This application allows anyone with a PC and Internet connection to shop in Amazon eBook store that currently has 360,000+ books. The software is free to download and offers all of […]

International Kindle Price Drop

Only 3 days after the release of Kindle 2 International, Amazon has slashed $20.00 off the price. If you purchased it for $279.00 you will get a refund along with the following email:

Good news! Due to strong customer demand for our newest Kindle with U.S. and international wireless, we are consolidating our family of 6″ […]

Wikipedia works on International Kindles in the UK

One of the blog subscribers, Ilya who has recently purchased an Kindle 2 International in the UK has confirmed that despite the Amazon statement that experimental browser and blog subscriptions don’t work in the UK, Wikipedia access actually works. However pictures do not load and all other websites are blocked.
Since Amazon has announced that web […]

International Kindle 2 First Impressions

FedEx has just delivered my Kindle 2 International. On the exterior it looks exactly the same as Kindle 2 with US wireless. However there seem to be some changes in the software. First of all the device reports software version to be 2.2 (375490138). What is interesting is that this version can’t be found on Amazon […]