Refurbished Kindle DX is out of stock

I’ve just noticed that refurbished Kindle DX is currently out of stock. You can still purchase the new one for $489.00. I”ll notify you when this changes.
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Kohjinsha Dual Screen Netbook

Kohjinsha has been showing off a new prototype at this year’s CEATEC at Japan. This is something that has set many hearts aflutter – a netbook with two LCD screens. Yes, it has two separate LCD panels sitting side by side on a netbook and this is an actual working prototype. So you have entire […]

International Kindle may come to Canada and New Zealand soon

No doubt many Canadians New Zealanders were greatly disappointed by the fact that International Kindle will not ship to their countries today. However not all hope is lost. According to publications by New Zealand PCWorld and The Globe and Mail, Amazon is currently involved in intensive talks with Vodafone regarding the wireless access in NZ […]

Browser And Blogs Update for Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan

It looks like Amazon has updated the feature list for the International Kindle.
Basic Web (experimental web browser) and blog subscriptions are not longer available in Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan. So for now this feature is going to be exclusive to US customers.

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