Why there will be fewer Kindle firmware updates in the future

Personally I’m used to updating software. Pretty much every week one or another piece of software on my PC updates – be it Windows itself, the antivirus, iTunes or whatever. I’ve subconsciously come to expect the same from Kindle. And at first Kindle firmware did update quite frequently:

February 23 (day zero) – Kindle 2 is released

March […]

Unicode Font Hack v0.2, now for Kindle International too!

I’ve create Unicode Font Hack that also works on Kindle 2 International. I’ve also reorganized the files to minimize download times. Each device/font combination can now be downloaded as separate file. That file would contain only update binaries. Source code for all binaries can be downloaded separately. I’ve updated the hack page accordingly. You can […]

Kindle anti-brick hack

When I was first working on Unicode Font Hack for Kindle 2 I bricked mine by messing up the fonts configuration. This prevented Java GUI from starting up so I had to way to install an update that would reverse the change.
While this hack will not fix your already bricked Kindle it will give you […]

Jailbreaking the International Kindle

I was quite close to publishing similar findings myself but Jean-Yves Avenard beat me to it. It is now possible to create custom updates for International Kindle that runs firmware 2.2.* Fortunately there is no need for hardware changes…
A little background information first. A while back Igor Skochinsky found serial console connector on Kindle 1 […]

Windows 7 Sees A Slew Of New Netbooks And Upgrades

Windows 7 is here and that has caused every PC company to upgrade their products to Windows 7. Compared to Vista, Windows 7 has been doing phenomenally well in the netbook sector and that has everything to do with the fact that Windows 7 starter was designed specifically to run on low-powered devices.
In fact, the […]

Hacking the International Kindle – First Attempt

If you were wondering why there were no posts lately – I’ve been busy trying to come up with a way to install Unicode Font Hack on Kindle 2 International. Rather than ordering ready-made USB-RS232-TTL converter I’ve decided to have some fun with little hardware project and create one myself.
Unfortunately I’ve short-circuited something within Kindle […]

Google To Launch It’s Own Chrome OS Netbook

Not content with only third party manufacturers making devices with their open source OS platforms, Google is rumored to be planning to bring out their own line of branded phones and netbooks.
This has been spreading as a rumor from a blogger who cites unknown sources within Google claiming this to be one of the major […]